Company's Policies, Terms and Conditions

Disclaimer, Terms and Conditions, Warranty, Handling Precautions and Safety Guidelines
For Haiyin Lithium Polymer Batteries

HEREWIN and the HAIYIN Brand value their Customer’s safety and promote proper maintenance of their batteries. Please ensure that the following Guidelines, Terms & Conditions, Safety Warnings, Disclaimer and Warranty are read, understood and agreed to.

When purchasing battery packs and/or cells manufactured by HEREWIN, the customer/user accepts responsibility for any and all risks associated with their use, including but not limited to any accident, injury to persons and/or damage to property. The customer/user further agrees to indemnify the battery manufacturer Herewin Technology, its owners and/or its employees, from any legal liability and/or responsibility, resulting from their use.

Terms & Conditions
All prices are in the currency indicated at Checkout on
All prices and subject to change without notice.
Full payment is due prior to shipping.
Shipping is FOB the warehouse selected.

HAIYIN‘s new product warranty entitles the customer to a free replacement pack of equal or greater capacity, voltage and C rate, on the condition the initial product shipped to the customer arrives either “DOA” ( i.e. completely not working ) or if a cell and/or pack’s voltage is below nominal, after performing at least two (2)additional Charge/Discharge/Balancing cycles.

The customer is required to provide proof of DOA or Low Voltage. Replacement S&H charges may apply.
Outside of the warranty stated above, any subsequent claims arising from; pack usage, charges/discharges, crashes or otherwise, are not covered under HAIYIN’s new product replacement warranty. Exceptions are made if a customer has received prior approval in writing from HAIYIN or HEREWIN.
Please Contact: for Return Material Authorization (RMA) approval and/or further warranty clarification.

HAIYIN Lithium Polymer batteries publish only “True Specs”, including real and stated capacity, discharge “C” rates.
HAIYIN battery packs
o use “matched cells”.                                      
o have undergone extensive testing, charging and discharging cycles prior to leaving the factory .
o are shipped “not fully charged”.                                                  

LiPo Battery Care and Safety Warnings
When using Lithium Polymer Batteries:

o Ensure that you are familiar with the battery pack(s) specifications you have purchased, including number of cells and charge rates.
o ONLY use a designated Lithium Polymer Battery Charger appropriate for the LiPo packs you are charging or discharging.
o Confirm correct charge voltage and settings prior to charging or discharging a pack.
o Keep batteries in a safe place, away from young children.
o Keep a dry fire extinguisher or dry sand bucket available nearby. Incorrect use of LiPo batteries can result in fire.
o Fully discharge packs prior to safe disposal.

o Puncture the cells. If electrolyte does leak and come in contact with skin, thoroughly wash with soap and water. If eye contact, rinse thoroughly with cool water. Seek immediate medical attention.
o Overheat or leave batteries in an area where temperatures may exceed 140F or 60C.
o Charge batteries near flammable items or flammable liquids or inside a vehicle.
o Leave batteries unattended while charging.

o Disassembling the packs.
o Using battery packs for any other purpose other than Radio Controlled Hobbies.

Always use a Charger specified and rated for Lithium Polymer cells. The suggested voltage range for Lithium Polymer cell is 3.0V-4.2V.
Always ensure proper polarity before connecting and charging packs; Red=Positive(+) and Black=Negative(-).
Ensure that your Charger has the proper connectors/adapters to match the plugs that come with the HAIYIN battery packs and/or alligator clips.
The HAIYIN balancing connector is a standard JST-XH style female.
Always balance cells for better pack performance and longer battery life cycle.
Never use a higher current than the pack’s recommended values to charge.
Charging with a current higher then recommended may cause damage to the cells, compromising safety and performance that could lead to heat generation and/or cell leakage.


The charger should be equipped to prevent discharging exceeding the cut-off voltage specified in the Product Specification.
The battery should be discharged at less than the recommended maximum current.
Over-discharging may causes loss of battery performance, characteristics, or battery functions.
Never reverse charge as this may cause damaging to the battery which will lead to degradation, cause heat generation and/or leakage.